Mosquito Illness Alliance exists to improve upon the quality of life for those who suffer from Mosquito Borne Illness

Mosquito Illness Alliance will fulfill its purpose with the following activities:


  • Build a network of MIA patients, caregivers, and their medical care providers

  • Be a collective voice for MIA patients and caregivers

  • Provide support and education of patients, survivors, and caregivers

  • Increase research opportunities for MIA patients and caregivers through collaboration with researchers and other stakeholders; specifically to advocate for, plan, and conduct comparative effectiveness research

  • Promote awareness for MIA in terms of prevention, symptoms, diagnosis, and resulting quality of life issues


The philosophy and framework driving Mosquito Illness Alliance's mission include: 



  •  Patient Engagement

  •  Partnership

  •  Patient Centered Outcomes

  •  Trust

  •  Reciprocal Relationships

  •  Transparency

  •  Co-Learning

  •  Honesty